Restaurant Inspections – September 9

The Hancock County Health Department inspects restaurants four times annually and violations are determined as “C” for critical, “NC” for noncritical and “R” for repeated violations. The following inspections are based on information obtained from Retail Food Inspection Reports.

June 29


Location: 5122 W. U.S., Highway 52, New Palestine

Type of Inspection: Routine

No violations found.

July 5

El 4 De Mayo

Location: 209 S. Main St., Fortville

Type of Inspection: Routine

Violations: C – food items (animal derived foods) are not identified by an asterisk as being applied to the consumer advisory, which also needs to be asterisked, to be corrected by Oct. 1; NC – no soap at hand sink in kitchen, to be corrected by July 7; C – chicken on steam table not being held hot enough, corrected/discarded; NC – need thermometers in refrigeration units, to be corrected by July 7; NC – need to have thin tipped food thermometer for hamburgers and chicken breasts, to be corrected by July 2; C – employee restroom has leak in pipe under sink, toilet not working properly, repair faucet so water flows properly, to be corrected by July 7; NC – ice scoop by ice machine not being stored properly, to be corrected by July 7; C – working containers (spray bottles) need to be marked with common name of chemical they contain, to be corrected by July 7; NC/R – exhaust fan at back of building needs to be cleaned so no residue, to be corrected by Aug. 1; NC/R – repair wall covering in kitchen/bathroom where holes/tears are present, to be corrected by Aug. 1.