Pictured: Forty and Eight leader Tony Cross. Submitted

GREENFIELD — Tony Cross has been elected Grande Chef de Care for the veterans organization Forty and Eight. This prestigious honor is equivalent in rank to the State Commander of the American Legion and the State Commander of the VFW.

The Forty and Eight is committed to charitable and patriotic aims. Its purpose is to uphold and defend the United States Constitution of the United States, to promote the well-being of veterans, their widows, widowers, and orphans, and to actively participate in selected charitable endeavors, which include among others, programs that promote child welfare and nurses’ training.

Cross, a Greenfield native and resident, is a member of Voiture 1415, Greenfield, and has served as the Chef of the local Voyageur. He is a Service Officer for the American Legion. Prior to this Tony was the CEO of Operation Job Ready Vets. He served in the US Marines from 1979 to 1998.

The Forty and Eight, named for the boxcars in France in World War I that transported ‘forty men or eight horses’ to the front, is an invitation-only veterans organization that incorporates proven leaders of other veterans’ organizations.