Real Estate – August 23

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

June 1

Robert L. Jr. and Dolletta C. Downing to David J. and Emily A. Fehr, 410 E. New York St., Fortville, $149,000.

Alice L. Kudzinski to Patrick S. and Deborah E. Buis, 321 Roosevelt Drive, Greenfield, $136,900.

June 2

Robert and Erma Rodocker to Barbara J. Payton, 1304 E. Davis Road, Center Township, $169,000.

Terrell K. and Shawna L. Lee to Elizabeth Schrimsher, 1216 N. Sugar Bend Run, Buck Creek Township, $345,000.

Darrell & Janice Jackley to Shane and Marie St. John, 2893 E. County Road 400N, Center Township, $295,000.

Kenneth C. and Bertha L. Ballinger to Jonathan & Karri Anderson, 212 Cranberry Drive, Center Township, $190,000.

June 5

Jo Ann Vansickle to Michael J. Gibson, 117 Lakeview Court South, Greenfield, $169,500.

June 6

Union Savings Bank to Peter Dewing, 817 N. Pine Court, Buck Creek Township, $137,000.

Janet L. Sparks to Dale E. and Ginger D. Clifford, 4478 E. County Road 300N, Center Township,$305,000.

Kyle L. and Susan Hart to Joseph C. and Annette M. Ricker, 9016 N. State Road 109, Wilkinson, Brown Township, $325,000.

Christopher Maxwell and Gregory L. Maxwell to Kathryne R. Richardson, 9060 N. State Road 109, Wilkinson, $99,900.

Robert D. and Carrie L. Sutton to Jeffrey L. Grey, 2448 W. County Road 400N, Buck Creek Township, $172,100.

June 7

Russell E. Wall to Christopher and Heather Bennett, 1218 N. Glendale Dr., Buck Creek Township, $167,000.

Jesse P. Clouse and Brittany R. Baker, 3855 Arrowhead Court, Center Township, $154,900.

June 8

Randall S. and Lisa A. Myers to Larry S. Ferguson, 4427 N. Fortville Pike, Center Township, $247,000.

June 9

Earl W. and Ariel A. Reynolds to Darren Hill, 5773 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $199,000.

Shannon R. Anderson and Daniel J. Hagist Jr. to Laken E. Pearl, 5893 N. Red Oak Drive, Center Township, $215,000.

Donald and Candise Christians to Megan and Dustan Roach, 4884 S. Meridian Road, Brandywine Township, $217,000.

June 12

Misty A. and Douglas L. Hall to Misty A. Hall, 6579 W. Charleston Way, Buck Creek Township, $259,000.

Dale E. and Ginger D. Clifford to Dale E. II and Elizabeth K. Clifford, 5561 S. County Road 300E, Brandywine Township $270,000.

Fred R. Irving Trust to Anna M. Smith Revocable Trust, 4249 N. County Road 300E, Center Township, $1,900,000.

Albert W. Jr. and Suzanne D. Banton to Suzanne D. Banton, 243 N. Windswept Road, Greenfield, $145,000.