FORTVILLE – Games, pizza and a dance-off are all part of orientation for incoming freshmen at Mt. Vernon High School. Upperclassmen, who serve as mentors for the new high school students, educate the students in the rules and procedures of high school while still having fun.

Mentors, chosen by Principal Greg Roach and several teachers, are selected for their leadership skills and ability to be a positive role model to others. Once chosen, the mentors participate in a summer training program designed to enhance their leadership skills.

On July 26, the mentors hosted Freshman Kick-off Day for the new students to get excited and ready for high school. Each mentor was assigned a group of freshmen to get to know them, answer questions and familiarize them the building layout and class scheduling.

The day began with an ice-breaker game to learn names and interests followed by more orientation games in the high school gym. One game that was played included freshman volunteers trying to put on a pair of pants without using their hands.

The orientation included a tour of the building to locate classes and a presentation by Principal Roach and Assistant Principal Shelton to address rules and guidelines.

The day of information ended with a dance-off between groups.