Back When – August 22 to 28

Aug. 22

In 1986, the Daily Reporter bought 3½ acres at the northwest corner of State Street (State Road 9) and New Road to build a newspaper plant.

Aug. 23

In 1871, several families met to discuss starting Fortville Christian Church.

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Aug. 24

In 1953, Indiana Box Corp. began operating a plant in Greenfield, in a building purchased from Stokley Canning Co. The box plant here was the company’s second, joining one in Montpelier where the company had its headquarters.

Aug. 25

In 1871, an evangelistic meeting at the Levi Thomas Grove began and lasted for two weeks. At the end of two weeks, Fortville Christian Church was launched with a membership of 45 believers.

Aug. 26

In 1973, the Indiana Pacers signed Mike Edwards, a Greenfield High School graduate and Indiana All-Star. He was later released.

Aug. 27

In 1842, William Hatton died. According to the city of Greenfield’s website, he is the only Revolutionary War soldier whose burial in Hancock County is documented. His grave is near the northeast corner of the intersection of State Street and Davis Road.

Aug. 28

In 1912, a local man was fined $10 and sentenced to 60 days in jail (with time off for good behavior) after a clown with a visiting circus was hit in the back of the head the night before by a rock or other hard object. The wound left a trail of blood all the way to a doctor’s office on Main Street, but the 18-year-old clown later left by train with the rest of the circus performers.