Sound Off – August 19

A construction project on Interstate 70 eliminated an acceleration lane from State Road 9 onto eastbound I-70, leaving some drivers uneasy as they try to merge. Officials finally decided to close the ramp until construction is complete. Did you have difficulty navigating the interchange?

•It’s horrible when you have vehicles in that right lane that don’t move over. I had two close calls there. It’s a nightmare.

•It wouldn’t have been so bad if the people in front of you didn’t come to a complete stop when they could have gone.

•We’ve had no problems with it. Just use common sense.

•I have only had to do it one time since the construction started, and I watched the car in front of me just about get demolished by a semi because they did not yield. I stayed way back so I wouldn’t be in the mess.

•While traveling nationwide, the merge is normal.

•I feel safer there than I do at these roundabouts that Hancock and Hamilton counties are so in love with.

•Our whole roadway system in this county is a mess.

•I hate interstates in general.