Letter: Care more for our public landscapes

To the editor:

The side ditches in our county look horrible due to needing to be mowed. The homeowners, for the most part, keep the yards groomed but then have to look at the overgrown side ditches.

With all the talk about beautifying the I-70/State Road 9 interchange, let’s include the side ditches being kept groomed. The wildflowers that used to be at the I-70 interchange have since been taken over by weeds and look very tacky. With all the rain we have had this spring and summer, the green areas need to be mowed at least once a month.

Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars, a little TLC and planting of flowers, decorative trees and shrubs and some upkeep would make the on and off ramps at the I-70 interchange look a lot more welcoming than waist-deep weeds.

Vickie Holden