Real Estate – August 15

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

May 11

Structured Asset Securities Corp. to Jerry S. and Janice C. Dunn Revocable Living Trust, 311 Windfield St., Greenfield, $70,314.

Mickey W. and Danielle Cory to U.S. Bank National Association, 6947 W. County Road 100N, Sugar Creek Township, $110,000.

Neil P. O’Mahoney and James E. O’Mahoney to 15180 Properties LLC, 315 Oak St., Fortville, $330,000.

Rhonda A. Deeter to Courtney A. Wehrley, 1536 Pippin Court, Greenfield, $210,000.

Marla J. Payne to 30-08-35-200-001-002-011, 10232 E. County Road 25N, Jackson Township, $173,000.

Michael Alford to Timothy L. Brooks, 216 Railroad St., Fortville, $22,680.

May 12

Robert H. and Norietta A. Miller to Kyle Winings and Ryann Wroblewski, 5645 W. Rockaway Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $205,500.

Sydney Stucky to Amy Shackelford, 3804 Cranberry Drive, Center Township, $181,900.

Stephen N. Kalk to Jordan and Sharla Matthews, 833 Center St., Greenfield, $132,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Champion Mortgage to Alexander J. Thompson, 859 W. Sixth St., Greenfield, $79,800.

May 15

Paul and Theresa A. Okerson to William R. and Alda L. Batista, 1050 N. Cambridge Court, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $226,000.

Wiper Corporation to Homer E. Young, 10518 E. County Road 700N, Wilkinson, $3,892.

William and Audrey J. Romack to Audrey J. Romack, 77 Oak Ct., Greenfield, $125,000.

May 16

Lola K. Raby to Derek Etherington, 1482 Evergreen Drive, Greenfield, $126,000.

Hubert L. Weston Revocable Trust to James and Katlyn Scaggs, 47 Cone Court, Greenfield, $144,500.

The Worrell Living Trust to Ryan S. Plew, 717 Franklin Court, Greenfield, $127,000.

Michael L. and Linda L. Moon to Marvin Smith, 745 Berkley Drive, Fortville, $72,000.