Letter: Rural drivers urged to be cautious

Editor’s note: Local Farmer Ronnie Mohr coincidentally sent this note to the Daily Reporter a few hours before his brother, Joe Mohr, also a farmer, was involved in a serious crash while driving a piece of farm equipment. An Eastern Hancock High School student died in the accident. The Mohr family requested this letter be printed.

To the editor:

Yes, it is that time of year, and the farmers in our community need to make sure we have at least cut the tops off of our corn at all the intersections so not to obstruct visibility.

I do know we can make it safer. While we’re at it, make sure weeds or tree limbs are not obstructing stop signs. Everyone needs to take extra precaution at these intersections and slow down.

I know it is probably the county highway department’s responsibility, but if we stop just one accident, it is well worth the effort.

Ronnie Mohr