Donnelly needs to understand government can’t run our lives

To the editor:

Senator Donnelly: Read the Constitution and tell me where the federal government has the power to dictate our health care. It’s not there, and it is illegal and unconstitutional for federal government to meddle in it. It’s not about abortions or rich people’s tax credits. It’s about the constitutionality of it. To argue it on any other terms is to accept the premise that it’s government’s job. It’s not. Don’t be shy about a complete repeal.

Your vote seven years ago caused this mess. You can undo it now with your vote. Obamacare was a clumsy attempt to impose socialism on this country that runs completely counter to what our U.S. Constitution calls for: a Republican form of government.

The federal government has continuously overstepped its constitutional limitations. If you truly love this country, you will quit this arrogance that says you, in Congress, and D.C., know more than the people and must impose your will on us because you know what’s best for us. Have some confidence that the people can figure out their own lives, senator.

Attend to the few and defined limited powers that the people and the states have given to the federal government and respect the ninth and 10th amendments. Get the federal government out of our business, from healthcare to education and beyond. It is way out of control.

Carolyn Flynn