BREAKING: Man found guilty of murder

    Spencer Spielman (center), who faces charges of murder and robbery, is escorted back to the Hancock County Jail during a break in Monday's trial by jail officers Nathan Johnson (left) and Mike McPhearson. Caitlin VanOverberghe

    GREENFIELD — A Hancock County jury Wednesday afternoon found Spencer Spielman guilt of murdering his friend’s mother.

    Police say Spielman killed 52-year-old Patricia Dresser of Greenfield by using the sash of her bathrobe to strangle her. A pathologist confirmed during Spielman’s trial that Dresser died from asphyxiation on Oct. 13.

    For seven days, a jury of 12 Hancock County residents heard the evidence against Spielman. Nearly 30 witness — including the defendant — testified during the proceedings. Jurors deliberated for more than three hours before returning their verdict.

    In a taped interview with police, Spielman admitted to killing Dresser, who had hired him as a handyman, according to investigators. He was also found driving her car the day after her body was found, and he told Greenfield police detectives intimate details about the crime scene, according to testimony.

    The 21-year-old from Greenfield was convicted of murder in addition to one Level 5 felony count of robbery and one Class A misdemeanor of driving with a suspended license.

    He returns to court for sentencing Aug. 30.

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