Interstate entrance needs to be inviting

To the editor:

This is in reference to the design at Interstate 70 and State Road 9 to beautify the entrance (“City scales back exit design,” June 24, A1.) 

We suggest you take a look at Carmel and Fishers. It looks as if they spare no expense to making their entrance to the town appealing to visitors approaching.

We suggest if you are going to scale the design back and not even use any one of the designs you all put in the paper for us, the citizens, to vote our opinion, then put the project on hold until more funds are available.

Smith Projects needs to at least suggest a nice brick or stone Greenfield welcome sign with some flowering trees for spring and some trees for the fall with colorful leaves. The upkeep would require not much care. Also, a flag pole with the American flag and the Greenfield flag would be nice.

We know you are capable of designing a great appealing entrance. We suggest you go back to the drawing board and come back with a design that will draw anyone’s attention entering State Road 9, a beautiful entrance.

Edward and Cynthia Flick