Fireworks law needs more restrictions

To the editor:

The law regulating the discharge of consumer fireworks is too open-ended.

Where is my right to have a little peace and quiet at night, to be able to go to sleep at 10 p.m. and not be disturbed by someone lighting off fireworks?

There are pets who don’t like the noise. Do they need to be drugged permanently to be able to cope?

People who discharge fireworks aren’t responsible enough to pick up after themselves. Days later, I walked the neighborhood and picked up sparkler wires on the public sidewalk. There are paper tubes and sticks littering yards and streets.

If your property is ever damaged by fireworks, good luck finding the person who caused the damage. They will never come forward on their own. Anyone who is tired of the nightly barrage of fireworks should email, call or write their state senator and representative.

Jill Jacobs