Sound Off Question of the Week: Hancock County has seen several storefronts open up in recent months. What should fill them and why?

Hancock County has seen several storefronts open up in recent months. What should fill them and why?

– A place that is like a dance/nightclub, where there is a big dance floor, a DJ, lights and light machines/disco ball and a bar, etc. I don’t know of anything like that that is anywhere close by in Indiana. This would be nice for anyone ages 21+!

– Another grocery store. We need more options than we now have.

– McAllster’s or Panera. Some type of deli would be great. We need healthier food options.

– Something for kids, like Monkey Joe’s or Sky Zone.

– Non fast-food restaurants.

– We certainly don’t need more Mexican restaurants or pizza places or sub shops! You might not have your favorite, but there are too many of those options to slice that pie any thinner.

– Greenfield could use an Office Depot. For a person like me who lives southeast of Greenfield, I have to drive 40 minutes or more (east side of Indy or Anderson) to shop for those items. We have not had an office supply store in town for several years now. Walmart, Big Lots and the drugstores simply do not carry what is needed, and Walmart especially has trouble keeping things in stock.

– Someplace with a salad bar like Marsh had! That was the best!

– Young adults need somewhere they can go to hang out for once. We have bars for those able to drink, and we have things for kids, but what about the teens and young adults? If we want something to do, we need to go to another county.

– Hobby Lobby or Michaels — I would spend all my money!

– A good sporting goods store (is needed) with all the kids who play sports between Greenfield and Knightstown.

– The Marsh building would make a great location for an emergency homeless shelter and/or veteran’s center!

– Some sort of indoor sports facility; basketball courts, trampolines, walking track, rock wall climbing, etc. A place to take kids of all ages.

– Greenfield really needs a heart center so you don’t have to be sent somewhere else during a heart attack. I’d also love a Fazolis.

– I know I’m off the topic, but I would love for someone to buy some farm land and make a drive in. My kids love them!

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