The Perfect Example of Planned Philanthropy

We all want to lead happy and fulfilled lives surrounded by family and friends. For many of us, there is a compelling need to make a difference — to leave a lasting impact on the people most dear to us and the world in which we live. The search for significance and the desire to plan for the future leads many to ponder their legacy.

What motivates you? Perhaps you feel strongly about a cause. Perhaps an organization has touched your life or the lives of loved ones. Maybe you want to create a legacy and set an example that inspires others to give, or perhaps your giving is a way to get your family together and pass along your values to younger generations. To help add definition, you might consider the following:

  • What has been the most satisfying charitable gift you have ever made? Why?
  • Have you volunteered anywhere? Which volunteer experience has proven the most rewarding?
  • When you think of challenges facing our community, what are your greatest concerns? Are any of these the focus of your current or future giving?
  • What would you like to accomplish with your giving?
  • Would you like to start giving now, so you can get involved or potentially see the results of your gift or would you like to give through your estate?
  • Would you like to make a one-time gift or one that keeps giving, even after your lifetime?

Most of us think of giving through cash gifts; however, there are many vehicles that can be used to plan a gift today that will mature after your lifetime. There are arrangements that can ensure the care of those whom you love, as well as the support of the organizations you value. The Hancock County Community Foundation allows donors to perpetuate their planned gifts, as opposed to leaving a one-time gift, through the establishment of a new endowment fund or by benefiting one of our 278 existing endowed funds. These permanent gifts generate income that will provide support to your favorite charitable organizations, institutions or causes for generations to come.

Bert and Irene Curry understand the importance of giving a gift that will provide a stream of income to the charitable organizations that mean a great deal to them. Their charitable endowment fund currently generates annual grants to maintain the cemetery grounds where their parents rest. In addition, the Curry family established a fund to provide a much-needed annual grant for operating income to the community foundation, providing our organization the financial resources needed to steward the gifts of donors to enrich our community. Finally, they have made arrangements, through the planning of their estate, to support some of their favorite causes beyond their lifetime.

The Hancock County Community Foundation provides a unique way for donors to choose the beneficiaries of their philanthropic dollars through planned giving instruments to provide future gifts, as well as through funds that engage donors who wish to make their impact on the needs of today, the couple said.

For instance, the Women’s Fund offers women and girls the opportunity to combine their annual donations to support the current needs of women and families and is complimented by an endowment fund to perpetuate the fund members’ mission. Being charter members of the organizing groups for both the Community Foundation (Bert) and the Women’s Fund (Irene) has been significant to each of us, they said.

The community foundation has had the privilege of working with donors to make planned gift arrangements and, using our experience, can help you do so as well. We will work with your professional advisors to identify the vehicle that works best for your personal situation. Talk to your attorney, accountant, or financial planner for guidance, or contact Mary Gibble at HCCF for additional information.