Marriage Licenses – July 6

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

May 19

Lindsey M. Weller, New Palestine, to Kristoffer S. Skipton, New Palestine.

Lynne M. Davidson, Marshall, Illinois, to Curtis N. Smith, Marshall, Illinois.

Kenneth H. Simpson, McCordsville, to Jacqueline A. Dottery, McCordsville.

Devin R. Hannon, Denver, Colorado, to Kristin K. Walsh, Denver, Colorado.

May 22

Jessica N. Benz, Greenfield, to Neil R. Ipock, Greenfield.

Kyle Anderson, McCordsville, to Devin Garner, McCordsville.

Brent W. Condrey, Greenfeld, to Angela D. Holder, Greenfield.

Lawrence M. Hopkins, Okatie, South Carolina, to Lisa K. Aichele, Greenfield.

Christopher J. Mealy, McCordsville, to Teresa K. Garwood, McCordsville.

May 23

David W. Zehnder, New River, Arizona, to Teresa M. Detwiler, Pendleton.

Paul K. Nunn, Fortville, to Terrill L. Jackson, Fortville.

May 24

Michael P. Osborn, McCordsville, to Sunita E. George, McCordsville.

Chelsey B. Foor, Greenfield, to Samuel J. Pfaff, Greenfield.

James P. Kleinhelter, Greenwood, to Jennifer L. Vester, McCordsville.

Bobby J. Wade III, Greenfield, to Kelsey J. Williams, Greenfield.