Sound off – June 17

The county is considering fines for complaints of animals tethered outside without shelter or food/water, dogs barking and running loose, etc. Supporters say the ordinance will protect neighbors and hold pet owners accountable. Opponents consider this an overreach of local government. What do you think? Does the county need an expanded animal ordinance?

– I would definitely like to see something done about dogs running loose!

– Yes. Enforce existing ordinances. Get the community educated about proper animal care. A fine is a good lesson. Some people do not have common sense.

– The dogs bark because something is on their property that they don’t like. Keep your rules and regulations in town. They’re not needed out in the country.

– If everyone took care of their dogs, the big bad government would not have to tell you to.

– A neighbor of mine has had some pretty ferocious dogs that have killed several other animals in the neighborhood and has generally made it unsafe for kids to play outside.

Animal Control has been called several times.

– We moved away from a longtime home mostly because of our neighbors’ barking dogs! I certainly favor a county-wide policy on this issue.

– Why is the answer always government regulation?

– This will just result in the dumping of pets in random areas. Those who do not follow the rules now will circumvent new rules to avoid fines, still leaving the burden on the public/taxpayer. Every time something isn’t ideal, everyone wants to jump on the “government, fix my problem” bandwagon. If we were to sit down and discuss, I’m sure that we would be able to find a solution to this issue without government enacting more regulation. We are way too dependent on a regime that cares nothing about us and will only use things of this nature for revenue generation (nothing will change,and things would probably get worse).

– I definitely want to see something to stop animal cruelty. I hate to see animals chained up, no food, no water, no shelter. No sense having a pet if you don’t respect and love them. I am also against pets running lose because they are at risk of getting hurt or hurting others.

– The reason the government has to step in is because the people won’t do anything about it without being forced to. Letting your dogs run loose is very inconsiderate for the people and the dogs.

– I live in a community with a homeowners association. They like to complain if I leave my dogs outside with water. They do bark, and the community complains about barking.

– Dogs bark. Get over it. I have 160 acres. No reason to chain my dogs up — except the one that constantly leaves the yard. She gets tethered.

– Maybe that dog is barking because it is without food or water or seeking attention. Do you blame the dog or the owner? No one wants to see a dog running loose, end up getting hit, but maybe it’s running away from its bad home. If a dog is barking, maybe someone is around that shouldn’t be. Might be thinking its protecting its owner.

– I think no matter what is done, someone will cry.

– Offenders won’t like it. Everyone else will appreciate the ordinance.

– It’s all about the revenue!

– Cracks me up. Let’s worry about barking dogs. Gosh, if only we could worry about barking dogs as much as we could worry about keeping our neighborhoods safe.

– It is neglect if you leave your dog tethered with no food or water or let them run loose. Not to mention inconsiderate of your neighbors. It can also become a safety issue to let them run loose. I would totally support it!

– The amount of dogs I can hear that bark incessantly all day is insane. Seems like most of the dogs are constantly barking at other dogs. I’ve walked the neighborhood before to see why these dogs are barking, and most times, I see the same dogs chained up or fenced in with no one giving them attention. What’s the point of having a dog to just leave it outside all the time? My dog barks, but I don’t let him sit outside and howl.

– Barking comes with a dog. Outlaw pets if that is the case. Dogs running loose, absolutely. Without shelter, food and water, yes. Start mandating sheltered outside dogs be brought inside because of temperature? No. That is overreach.

-This should be a law and strictly enforced with jail time for offenders.

– I think it’s a shame we have to govern common sense. Decent human beings and good pet owners should have no problem with the ordinance because they already comply.

– I’m good (with an ordinance) for running loose, providing shade/water/shelter, etc., but barking is too subjective.

– The main role of government should be to protect those who can’t protect themselves. I’d definitely consider pets to fall within that definition. Anyone who abuses or neglects their animals should be deathly afraid of the repercussions of the government and their fellow citizens.

– No need to think about it — need to act on it NOW.