Marriage Licenses – June 17

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

May 2

Paul J. Gay, Charlottesville, to Beatrice L. Hester, Greenfield.

May 3

Lindsey Hill, Fortville, to Justin Albea, Fortville.

Jonathan Hoover, Greenfield, to Olivia Dickover, Greenfield.

Kylee R. Luck, Greenfield, to Curtis A. Roberts, Greenfield.

May 4

Gerald W. Hebert, New Palestine, to Suzanne M. Arland, Greenfield.

Tammy J. Myers, Greenfield, to Kenneth E. Hester, Shirley.

Kyle T. Matson, Greenfield, to Jessica A. Juillerat, Greenfield.

May 5

Cassie Morgan, Fishers, to Jeffrey Mullins, Greenfield.

Kyle W. Pifer, Greenfield, to Julia L. Andis, Greenfield.

Kogan P. Pifer, Greenfield, to Emily G. Dillow, Greenfield.

Jeffrey P. Fisher, Huber Heights, Ohio, to Lori L. Fouts, West Carrollton, Ohio.

Timothy Cox, McCordsville, to Tammi Cook, McCordsville.

Andrew L. Poppino, Fortville, to Alyssa N. Wilson, Fortville.

May 8

Glenn E. Brown, Raleigh, North Carolina, to Linda F. Benson, McCordsville.

Samnang Touch, Hamden, Connecticut, to Amber I. Ramey, Agawam, Massachusetts.

May 9

Cody R. Bailey, McCordsville, to Cory J. Gentry, McCordsville.

Curtis R. Tackett, Greenfield, to Nancy Droppleman, Greenfield.

May 10

Blair Horner, Indianapolis, to James Leveille II, Indianapolis.

Nathaniel A. Weiss, Greenfield, to Corinne M. Miller, Greenfield.

May 11

Nolan R. Hall, Knightstown, to Katie S. McKeeman, Greenfield.

Michael P. Gorney, Greenfield, to Amanda A. Phegley, Greenfield.

May 12

Joel M. Reierson, New Palestine, to Courtney L. Kindred, New Palestine.

Cameron J. Hansen, Greenfield, to Patricia L. Edwards, Fortville.

Jeremy D. Brown, Greenfield, to Amber L. Antle, Greenfield.

Roger W. Adkins, Greenfield, to Brian S. Johnson, Greenfield.

May 15

Karrina M. Payton, Greenfield, to Robert A. Lopat, Greenfield.

Jacob Lewis, Greenfield, to Erin Dull, Greenfield.

Michael D. Short, Greenfield, to Athena M. Garrison, Greenfield.

May 16

Michael D. Thacker, New Palestine, to Carolyn L. Hurst, Indianapolis.

Jonathan A. York, New Castle, to Amanda M. Hobbs, Greenfield.

Antony L. Stewart, McCordsville, to Janell M. Knarr, Greenfield.

May 17

Kristen Dunbar, Indianapolis, to Josiah Godbey, Greenfield.

Tiffany M. Smith, Greenfield, to Dustin J. Scheele, Greenfield.

May 18

Daniel E. O’Dell, New Palestine, to Courtney L. Edon, New Palestine.

Paul T. Lindgren, Indianapolis, to Kathryn E. Porter, Indianapolis.

Jeremy Hamilton, Greenfield, to Rosalind Ferris, Greenfield.

Grant L. Robinson, Greenfield, to Elesha R. Hidalgo, Greenfield.