Pictured are, from left, Hearts Ablaze Cloggers team Inferno, front row: Jessica Wilcher, Cristy Corwin-Howard and Leah Olin; second row: Carissa Mays, Ellie Roudebush, Abby Brown, Macy Bruck, Elizabeth Brattain, Sarah Wheeler and Carlie Dahlquist; third row: Megan Roach, Katie Brown and Jenna Roach; fourth row: Evelyn Wiggington, Emma Wiggington and Sarah Hansen; and fifth row: Grace O'Donnell, Stephen Auten and Danielle Romoser. Submitted

NEW PALESTINE — The Hearts Ablaze cloggers, directed by Cristy Corwin-Howard, competed in Cincinnati, Ohio, Memorial Day weekend at the World of Clogging Championships. The clogging studio brought 48 dancers to the competition.

The studio came home with eight Grand Champion overall category wins, as well as 10 first-place, eight second-place and four third-place awards in the challenge category; and seven platinum awards, 11 gold awards, and 12 silver awards in the starz category.