Sound Off Question of the Week: Why do you love living here?

We’ve asked you about Hancock County’s challenges, and now we want to hear about its asset. For this week’s Saturday Sound Off column, we asked you: Why do you love living here?

•Small-town feel with city amenities.

•Location. Close enough to Indy to make a trip there any time, but far enough away to not be a ’burb.

•The library. It’s truly a gem. The staff are wonderful, too.

•The fact that people in the community really seem to care about local business and the investment and care those businesses make back!

•Good people!

•My roots are in Hancock County — lived here all my life, worked for Hancock County Government for a total of 28 years, raised my family here. Wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

•It’s close to my job.

•This community has amazing leaders. Look at all the nonprofit organizations and the people involved as volunteers, donors, etc. Hancock County cares about others, cares about the arts and cultural experiences. We are blessed.

•Having a few unique non-chain restaurants and great antique stores are my favorite aspect. It’s also very friendly and quite beautiful!

•The schools and our freaking amazing high school G-C bands! Talented kids, for sure! The teachers are pretty great, too!

•I moved here from Indy, and I LOVE it. The local businesses, the library, Pennsy Trail. I wish we had more than 1 bar and a few less cops, but it’s still a place I’m proud to live in.

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