Term limits perfect way to drain swamp

To the editor:

In our Constitution, there is an Article V.

Article V provides for a convention on term limits of Congress. A majority of 34 states must pass a resolution calling for an Article V convention term limits. Congress can do this or any state can do this. Delegates would draft a new amendment to the Constitution limiting the number of terms that Congress can serve. When that is done, 38 states must ratify it.

Wow. New people and ideas, say, every 10 years. No more career politicians.

This question should be asked of any candidate running for re-election:  “Would you support a convention under Article V for term limits to Congress?” If the answer is no, then you will know that the candidate, and most probably that state, does not are what the American people want. Then ask them why they would not support it. It would suggest that the most likely reason is that it would keep them from being a career politician!

I understand that Texas is trying to pass this in their state. Indiana, let’s get behind them. Wow, what a way to drain the swamp!

Texan Plough