Sound Off – May 27

Dog owners need to understand the world is not your dog’s toilet. Indulging your dog in its desire to sniff and go on everything it sees or allowing your dog to walk well into a neighbor’s yard to relieve itself on trees and flowers is not a neighborly act. I am tired of having to pick up someone else’s dog waste in my own yard. I have had dog owners insult me because I don’t want them and their dog in my yard.

Bravo to Kim Kile for her editorial about there being too much focus on sports instead of studies. How many athletes actually become pros or even continue sports after high school? There are way too many children in this generation that are failing at life because of too much focus on sports and not studies!

Just a heads up: Blue Road in front of J.B. Stephens Elementary School is only slower 7 to 9 a.m. and 2 to 4 p.m. school days. Drivers can go 40 miles per hour the rest of the time! Editor’s note: The speed limit has also changed on Franklin Street in front of Greenfield Central Junior High School, where school zone speeds now apply only from 8-10 a.m. and 3-5 p.m.; otherwise, the speed limit is 40.

Fantastic that my car I just got repaired had the bottom ripped off it by an upraised manhole cover (which was submerged by water) during a repaving project, and the city says I’m 1 percent liable and won’t cover it. I guess it’s my fault I can;t see underwater and in the dark to miss a 6-inch raised manhole that a simple cone would have prevented.

Greenfield needs to start with a bigger jail & upgraded justice system. The main priority right now needs to be focused on drugs & crime. It’s becoming a landing ground for bad influences.