Real Estate – May 23

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

April 13

Kellie V. Scherschel-Barr to Jacob Lawson, 2415 Collins Way, Greenfield, $62,000.

CJH Property Investment LLC to Rodney J. Muller, 8764 N. Autumnview Drive, McCordsville, $258,000.

Robert S. and Patricia A. Oakerson to Roger A. and Regina L. Crowder, 12 E. Main St., New Palestine, $65,000.

Matthew C. and Clare E. Olsen to Gena Noak and Sean Larkin, 6640 W. Black Tail Way, McCordsville, $213,000.

Secondary Commercial/Industrial Land to Primary Commercial/Industrial Land, 5780 U.S. 52 West, New Palestine, $1,250,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to Matthew C. and Clare E. Olsen, 6503 W. Silverthorne Drive, McCordsville, $490,000.

US Bank NA to Si Chong, 5677 N. Jamestown Drive, Buck Creek Township, $106,300.

April 14

REKG Solutions LLC to Terry L. Garza, 7155 N. Lyndhurst Crossing, McCordsville, $125,000.

Ira E. and Meredith Wilson to Heidi M. Chestnut, 357 W. County Road 500N, Center Township, $157,500.

Eddie Hall to Christopher Etherton, 2463 S. Brandywine Trail, Brandywine Township, $155,000.

Jason and Kristy Thomas to Gregory W. and Sherry E. Jacobson, 1117 S. Oden Drive, Center Township, $205,000.

April 17

David G. and Daphne L. Vogt Joint Trust Agreement, 953 Shady Drive, Greenfield, $278,348.

Jesse and Ruth Cole to Arbor Homes LLC, 520 Flint Blvd., Fortville, $38,000.

Orlanda K. Ecoff and Marcia and Gayle P. Henson and Marcia P. Lorenzen to Dakota Hartman and Rebecca Eldridge, 551 Emerson Drive, Fortville, $117,000.

Hancock Hope House Inc. to Friends and Family Members LLC, 326 Berry St., Greenfield, $136,000.

Mae View LLC to Dennis L and Joyce E. Shinault, 1832 Kingen Drive, Greenfield, $148,500.

April 18

Pyatt Builders LLC to Dale K. and Kendra M. Sleppy, 4567 W. Waterway Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $250,995.

George E. and Mary M. Mann to Rickie R. II and Bethany Dunagan, 433 W. Weber Road, Brandywine Township, $100,000.

George W. and Marie E. Pannell to Dylan and Delvin L. Ratzsch, 9081 N. River Chase Lane, Green Township, $192,000.

Griffin Properties Holding Company LLC to Chandos Graham, 1586 Whisler Drive, Greenfield, $145,500.

Donald L. Brown to Kyle and Allouri McCreary, 4712 N. County Road 25W, Center Township, $177,000.

Harold E. and Glenda F. Raikes to Roy D. and Dusty L. Succaw, 93 Tinker Trail, Greenfield, $143,000.

Rigoberto and Lori L. Guerra to Brian L. and Jennifer L. Willis, 9282 N. County Road 400E, Green Township, $336,000.

Kevin L. and Leah M. Sears to Ashley Vandervort, 433 E. Monroe St., Fortville, $98,900.

Parsons Design of Indiana LLC to Jocelyn M. Lisk, 742 N. Spring St., Greenfield, $129,750.

Michael D. and Diane E. Mills to Tommy and Mary Hensley, 4617 W. Easy Way, Sugar Creek Township, $310,000.