Sound Off Question of the Week: What’s the biggest challenge facing Hancock County?

For this week’s Saturday Sound Off column, we asked readers a question: What’s the biggest challenge facing Hancock County?

– Lack of quality jobs and education.

– This younger generation is out of control. Greenfield needs a big brother/big sister program or something. We need more things around here to keep kids busy.

– Traffic and cultural opportunities.

– There is no Rural King. That should be priority #1. Can’t find a decent pair of overalls anywhere.

– Jobs would be great. Thankfully, it looks like there will be an influx in the near future with that new plant coming into town. Hopefully, those struggling will be able to find something there.

– I would say it has to be drugs — or how congested it gets on State Road 9 and 40 during rush hour. Avoid that area like the plague!

– I can’t complain at all. I love this town.

– I would like to see the prosecutor be strict on sentencing.

– People need to get junk piles out of the front yard!

– The only ice cream truck that comes down our street always sells half melted ice cream.

– Limited opportunity. That’s why I left in ’94. I’m glad I did.

Drugs, lack of affordable treatment for addicts and the need for more housing.

– Too many new housing additions. I moved out here because of the farms and openness. Now, more houses are going in, and more farms are disappearing.

– Need a turn arrow going north and south at U.S. 40 and State Road 9.

– There could be more for the youth. My son is only 8, and we stay pretty busy, but I do see that most youth (children and teens’) activities are either not available or expensive or don’t work with working parent schedules. If there were more things for the kids to be involved in, maybe drugs wouldn’t be as much of a problem.

– We need more retail and restaurants.

– Lack of mental health resources.

– It would be awesome if there was at least a list or a network of older student tutors accessible to parents of younger students who need help. I’m oftentimes seeing parents who don’t really exactly comprehend their children’s homework, unfortunately. It’s not always a lack of knowledge. Some things are taught differently now.

– Too many old people. I mean, Greenfield has a Jim Dandy and a Ponderosa, and they’re both packed every single day.

– Too many fast foods and not enough shoe stores. And when Interstate 70 is shut down, need a better way other than 9 to get traffic to 40. But that’s just my thought. Thanks for the chance to vent. – From a lifelong resident. 81 years here, and I still love my growing town.

– 1). Easy roadways around town. Nothing will ever be built on the south, east or west sides because you can’t access them from Interstate 70. 2). Turn Hwy 9 into one way through town and another north-south into one way the other direction. 3). Revamp the strip malls. Add a tree or 20. They all look the same, and they are ugly — like there was a strip-mall clearance sale in 1982. Nobody wants to eat or shop when they look like that.

– Education, lack of diversity, corruption/nepotism within local government, lack of healthy food options, bloated police force.

– My family and I just moved to Greenfield about a month ago. Greenfield is a wonderful community with so many resources. We feel blessed to be here. Sometimes it’s just about perspective.

– I think drugs, increased petty crime like robberies, car break ins, etc., which means a need for increased police.

– It would be wonderful if we didn’t have to go to Marion County for autism services like seeking a diagnosis or ABA therapy.

– A grocery store on the west and east side of town and not over-priced convenience stores. A more consistent Department of Child Services system and a better understanding of the court system in this town.

– We moved to Greenfield seven or eight years ago from the east side of Indianapolis. No area is perfect, and drugs are a problem everywhere, but I feel safe, and the community is genuinely a caring one. From going to bed to gunshots and police sirens nightly, Greenfield has been a welcome respite from the east side of Indianapolis.

I really have no qualms. I like my little town.

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