Letter: Greenfield-Central focus can be balanced between athletics, academics

To the editor:

In my time at Greenfield-Central, I have seen many wonderful accomplishments from our students and student-athletes. One of the points of pride is the fact that our schools produce well-rounded kids. I am always excited by their ability to balance academics and athletics along with extracurricular activities.

As we know, academic performance is a key part of education, but academic performance without athletic or extracurricular activities creates missed opportunities in learning outside of the classroom. Learning how to handle success and defeat does not always come in the school day. Balance (academic and athletic/extracurricular) is the key term that creates the character traits and life skills that make great leaders in our community, state and nation.

As a former Greenfield-Central coach and now a parent, I can honestly say that I believe we are at a crossroads when it concerns our approach in athletics. I often ask myself what our community vision is for our students who put forth the effort to play for the Greenfield-Central community.

Who are we? What do we stand for, athletically? What is the end goal for our student-athletes and teams?

In my opinion, we need to put forth a vision of who we want to be in athletics. A focused goal is something that everyone can understand and can also point to as a standard or expectation. Coaches rely on this to communicate with their players. I believe we, as a community, must do the same thing to communicate with our coaches and administrators. A plan shared by all and understood by many will create a community focus on athletic success.

If we take the time to create such a strategy of success, then much of the rancor about athletics in general will cease. The players, coaches and administrators will know what the overall vision and goals are. Athletics stability and success will occur. The end result will be an uninterrupted balance between academics, athletics and extracurricular activities for the students.

Trent Taylor

Greenfield-Central Department Chair of Engineering and Technology Education

Former Greenfield-Central Coach