Letter: Congress needs to pay for its own health care

To the editor:

The only way we will ever get cheap health insurance and health care is for this to happen. We need a constitutional amendment that reads as follows: “No politician — local, state, federal or appointed position such as judges, federal or Supreme Court — shall use taxpayer money to pay for their health insurance. These people will pay for it out of their salaries, and if they retire, they get no free health insurance.” If this was law, you better believe that Congress would get the cost of healthcare down. This would save, I bet, billions of dollars for taxpaying Americans.

What we need is for all 50 states to start a petition drive and send these to Washington. If there are enough signatures required to get this matter heard by Congress, and if any member of Congress does not vote for such a law, then that person should be voted out of office. It is time we Americans take a stand against Congress passing laws for its benefit and not the benefit of the public.

Texan Plough