Sound Off – April 8

Watch the Daily Reporter Facebook page for chances to have your say on topics of local interest. For this week’s sound off column, we asked readers to weigh in on the county’s long-term plan to build another exit off Interstate 70; a preliminary study identified CRs 200W and 600E as ideal locations. Here’s what you had to say:

•Would be nice for when there’s the inevitable crashes nearby, and all the truck traffic gets off at 9 and congests everything from there down to 40, but there’s other things to take into considerations as well, I’m sure.


•Either/or. Too many people getting on 70W from 9 go all the way across traffic to the fast lane. Merge. Don’t drive straight across.

•No, doesn’t need it.

•It’s been needed for years. I haven’t lived out there for over 10 years, but my niece and my dad still do. I have always thought CR200 would be good.

•It wouldn’t be so bad traveling Highway 9 if people would go the speed limit and stop cutting in front of other people. The police need to start issuing tickets. There are wrecks all the time on Highway 9 from I-70 to 40. I would really hate to see more farmland taken for another exit. You would think the state of Indiana would have learned from the mistake of the I-69 through the southern part of the state, which is not really needed! All of that money spent to save 20 or 25 minutes of driving time. Everyone is in a hurry to get everywhere.

•Two great choices.

•Let’s put an exit in your back yard and see how you like it.

•Giving access to Greenfield with more than one point is a great idea. It solves many issues.

Best location would be Fortville Pike. Exits added at either of the other choices would mean huge costs for changes to the county roads to and from them. I don’t know if the county could afford to update those roads to accept all the additional traffic, especially semis. Inept state highway planning.

•Something needs to be done. Wish it could be sooner than later.

•Needs a bypass around town. Get off at Mt Comfort or at Knightstown exit, then to 600 or 200S. Same going north.

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