Letter: Press furthers liberal agenda

To the editor:

Regarding the news media’s watchdog role, the “free and unfettered” press referred to in Mr. Massa’s column (“Media’s watchdog role more important than ever,” March 14, A4), and especially its “watchdog role” in our country, are sadly things of the past.

With a couple of exceptions, the news media in America are openly biased to the left — not acting as watchdogs, but actively furthering a liberal/left agenda their members embrace on a personal level. Being unfettered would seem to mean being unbiased, as an inbuilt bias locks one into a closed mind and inability to fairly report the news.

Thankfully there are still areas of the media that are more fair and balanced, that report both sides of an issue and allow the public to form their opinion without bias. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and of course MSNBC are certainly not among them, and are as far from “watchdog” or unfettered as they can be. They are nothing but arms of the left, tools of the Democratic Party, and nothing they report is unbiased. Thomas Jefferson would be appalled.

Tim McDowell