Sound Off – March 11

For this week’s Saturday Sound Off column, we posed readers a question:

A new jail for Hancock County — good idea or a waste of money?

Waste of money. They should renovate and expand the current one.

•We need a drug recovery center for those without insurance — not a bigger or new jail for housing people with the disease of addiction, that when they get out they end up overdosing because the addictive brain wants the same amount it had before, which is a deadly dose to the individual who hadn’t used for a period of time.

•As long as I don’t have to pay. Enough comes out of my check as is.

•Considering that jail is old and outdated, we do need a new complex.

•Please take a walk through the current jail. You look on the outside and see a “nice” building, but the moment you get in there, you will see how outdated it is and what jail officers are going through with the amount of inmates currently housed there. Do your research and find out the capacity of the current jail and look at how many are in there.

•Address the problem (addiction) to reduce recidivism. Simply building a bigger version of what we already have would be a waste.

•I think the county’s money should first be spent on hiring enough officers to work the current shifts at the current jail. There isn’t enough staff there right now at this jail.

•Absolutely a new one.

•Waste! They’ve made it too nice for inmates. Criminals all over this country live better in jails (TV, meals, etc., etc.) than many of our senior citizens that have worked tirelessly all their lives without committing crimes. When will these politicians realize that jail should not be comfortable for criminals? It should be bare bones uncomfortable so that would be the last place the degenerates will want to go.

•Well, if the current overpopulation and security issues are causing health and safety concerns for the inmates and workers, then it may be time to look at a new facility. County Jail sentence is typically not a “rehabilitation” setting. That trend is changing, though, and if rehabilitation is a goal, then yes, a new facility should be considered. This facility is not set up for rehabilitation. It is pretty much set up as a lock-up facility for offenders to serve time.

No! No! No! I don’t want to pay for another jail!

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