Real Estate – March 11

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Feb. 1

Jessica A. and Roy DeWayne Nunn to Brett A. Nunn, 1210 E. 5th St., Center Township, $80,000.

Stephen C. Hatchel to Jeffrey A. and Mary J. Bogle, 2245 Santa Fe Drive, Greenfield, $164,000.

Jerome Bow to Sean B. and Marsha R. Holman, 3855 N. Mohr Road, Center Township, $339,000.

Lee S. Sollars to Thomas J. and Marcy E. Grinslade, 3618 N. Fortville Pike, Center Township, $255,000.

Ulrey Family Trust to Eileen McClarnon, 305 N. State St., Greenfield, $98,000.

Michael and Jane Jack to Michael E. and Ellen L. Gill, N. Country Mill Drive, Center Township, $17,000.

Rental Systems LLC to Michael E. Shumaker, E. County Road 600N, Center Township, $400,000.

Center Place Partners to Greenfield Center Place LLC, 121 S. Center St., Center Township, $350,000.

Arbor Homes LLC to Charlene R. and Raymond C. Doan, 2270 Spring Dipper Drive, Greenfield, $186,096.

Rebecca J. and William L. Culbertson to Eric C. Spurlin, 510 W. Pierson St., Greenfield City, $2,477.

Aaron R. Fawver to Zackary E. Duncan, 819 N. School St., Greenfield, $99,000.

Gloria Ward to Eric C. Spurlin, E. County Road 500S, Brandywine Township, $153.

Feb. 2

Norma D. Isanogle Trust to James and Josephine Wilson, 1267 Lexington Trail, Greenfield, $138,999.

Atlantic Investments LLC to Jean Kelley, 7108 Chelmsford Drive, McCordsville, $197,450.

Greenfield Banking Company to Borgmann LLC, 12130 E. Washington St., Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $865,000.

James A. and Gina M. Camp to Terry L. and Wanda K. Johnson, 408 Hickory Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $215,000.

Pamela K. Cameron and Stephen W. Ricks and Stanley J. Ricks to Daniel L. and Pamela K. Cameron, 1703 E. Casey Lane, Center Township, $20,000.

Feb. 3

Ryan E. Baker to Martin D. Hawkins, 6828 W. Burlington Dr., Buck Creek Township, $140,000.

Mary Lou Copeland to Caleb Avery, 300 Howard St., Center Township, $65,000.

Sandie Reed to Regina S. and Eric T. Kammerer, 206 W. Staat St., Fortville, $250,000.

Francis W. and Norma R. St. John to Ronald E. and Gwen T. Mann, 4916 W. Harrisburg Ct., Sugar Creek Township, $213,000.

Cabot II _ IN1B02 LLC to G & I 501 W. New LLC, 501 W. New Road, Greenfield, $9,575,331.

Ronald E. and Gwen T. Mann to Harold W. and Kathleen H. Peters, 1333 S. Harmony Trail, Sugar Creek Township, $255,000.

M/I Homes of Indiana LP to Robert S. and Carol A. Patterson Sr., 7105 W. Ridge Run Way, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $240,000.