Letter: Story on March of Women degrading to conservatives

To the editor:

The article about the march on Washington, D.C. (“Raising her Voice,” Jan. 28, A1), disturbs me, so I am voicing my opinion. I felt the article was all political and downgrading to me as a conservative Christian.

I do not believe that the Greenfield resident meant for the March of Women to be so downgrading to women or herself. Madonna and Ashley Judd disgraced the office of the president of the United States. The Hollywood group is disgracing America, and we the people should put a dent in their pockets and not go to the theaters and contribute to their movies or watch their displays at their awards night.

I believe there are some actors and actresses who have not put on such a display against our president of the United States. Christians and all residents of Greenfield and other cities need to search their hearts and think before you walk into that movie and send a message. This is our America also, and just not Hollywood.

I believe we women have not been denied our rights as U.S. citizens by President Donald Trump. I, for one, as a Christian do not want our tax dollars to be sent to Planned Parenthood so they can use it for women to take a life. Yes, women have the right, but not on our tax dollars.

I pray more Christians take a stand on our beliefs.

I want to praise Vice President Pence for talking at the Women’s March for Right to Life to stand up for our Lord and Savior and his beliefs.

 Cynthia Flick