Sound off – March 4

For this week’s Saturday Sound Off column, we posed readers this question:

Is finding affordable housing in Hancock County a problem?

Absolutely. I was raised here, and at least four generations of my family have lived here, too. I work in Greenfield, but I had to move to Shelbyville to find affordable housing. I miss my friends and family, but it would cost me several hundred dollars more a month to live in the same-sized space in Greenfield. Even when you figure in the price of gas, it’s still cheaper for me to commute from Shelbyville every day.

In our county, YES! If you’re willing to move to 10th and Rural in Indianapolis, then I’m sure you can find several places.

A majority of rental properties are run by property management companies. The rent is ridiculously high. Plus the deposit fees. And then, most raise the rent each year. It’s nearly impossible to afford.

We rented in Greenfield for five years before buying a home. Great place to live! Get what you pay for, though. Rent is above surrounding towns, but safety and quality of life here is so much better.

I just moved from Greenfield to the Keystone at the Crossing area, and although my apartment in Indy is more expensive by about $200/month, the amenities and area are nicer and provide more “life” for someone my age. Renting a house in Greenfield as a single woman is nearly impossible.

We moved to Hancock County in 2015. We intended to rent for a year before purchasing. However, with rentals twice the price of a mortgage, we ended up buying a home.

It’s why I moved out of Hancock County!!

Everything is so expensive if we want to stay in our wonderful school system. Going on six years in a tiny two-bedroom apartment, and we now have two kids plus two stepdaughters that stay here every other weekend. It gets cozy.

The town is losing its small town feel. Most of the houses for rent and even the area apartments go for such a high monthly price. It’s getting to the point that a family starting out can’t afford to live here. We should be encouraging people to come here, not forcing them to leave because they can’t afford to stay.

Some of these places to rent are junk and need torn down and renovated if they are going to charge ridiculous prices.

Yes! As a 27-year-old college student, I’m having to live with my parents.

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