Letter: Getting tobacco products still too easy for Hoosier children

To the editor:

It concerns me as a parent that so many kids still have easy access to tobacco. It’s no surprise since cigarettes are so cheap and so common in Indiana, but I expected our lawmakers to have done something about it by now.

Every year, someone introduces a bill to improve tobacco prevention in our state, but it never seems to be enough. Increasing program funding by a little bit here and there isn’t going to stop kids from developing a tobacco addiction.

We need an all-out effort to stop smoking — something that we know causes cancer and other diseases.

I’m encouraged that there are multiple organizations calling for an increase in Indiana’s cigarette tax. That’s a great start to showing both kids and adults just how dangerous tobacco use is.

We shouldn’t still be trying to stop tobacco in 2017. Let’s finish the job now.

Jennifer Denney

Health Services Coordinator

ICAP Head Start

New Castle