Sound-Off – February 25

Be kind to one another and pay it forward.

We need more kindness and less hate.

We just need to teach our children how to act.

Love the Frenzy Animal Rescue in New Palestine! Wish they would get more attention so they could get more help. It is a wonderful place for dogs to go that need to find a home.

Where is spring?! Ready for some warm weather to get out with the little one!

The city really needs to do something about the people living along the Pennsy Trail! I’m sure that is not what the trail was intended for.

It’s Feb-ru-ary … don’t forget that R. Let’s all enunciate! Lol

Tacos are an amazingly versatile food. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner with all sorts of toppings.

Are there any politicians who have the courage to run on a platform of mandatory naps in the workplace?

Support your local Girl Scouts — it’s cookie time.

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands, stomp your feet, shout HOORAY!

Children need to experience live theater!

Can we just put the political talk away for a bit, throw on our shades and enjoy the weekend?

If only Frosty Boy were open year ’round…

If you’re walking into a store, for goodness sake, take a cart in with you. It’s common courtesy.

Might be fun to have a kids’ section in the newspaper — their thoughts and what-not.

My message for companies who think they haven’t been cyber attacked is: “You’re not looking hard enough.”