Saturday Sound-Off

Wanted to give a big shout out to all our officers and firefighters in Greenfield. Thank you for all you do and for protecting our community. You are appreciated.

Proud of Greenfield-Central Cougar Pride! And proud to be a band mom!

The groundhog is not my friend! LOL! Here’s to hoping the little rodent was wrong!

I wish there was more compassion and empathy in this world that we all live in. Wouldn’t that make everyone’s lives a little easier, a little more happy? We can complain how our lives are just not perfect, or this or that has happened, and we feel inside like the world is about to end. Don’t forget that there are people out there who would trade their problems for yours in a heartbeat. It’s not so hard to hold a door for someone. How about just giving a little child a smile as you’re walking by, helping an elderly person, not getting angry or frustrated that they are walking too slow in front of you at the grocery and being encouraging, not discouraging, to others? All the hate in this world … we need to come together and simply be kind to one another. We don’t have to agree on political views, parenting styles, lifestyles and the list goes on, but why be so divided? Just be kind to one another. You truly don’t know what someone else is dealing with.

I was really hoping for an early spring. Here’s to fingers crossed that the groundhog is wrong.

So over the dreary weather!

The attacks on the officers’ homes in Indy make me sad.

Greenfield is a family community.

I love utilizing the Pennsy Trail in town. My children and I like to go bike riding on it and recently checked out the new exercise equipment on a very cold and snowy day!

Poorly timed traffic lights … why must I sit endlessly at stop lights with no cross traffic in this town?

Love that Greenfield still feels like small-town America!

Six weeks to go until spring! I’m so ready!

We are a blessed community to have organizations such as God’s Open Arms Ministry to help serve those in need in our community.

I think it’s great how the high school football team organization has really become a great helper in the community.

Thanks to our police officers for all your hard work and dedication!

Why is the stoplight at McClarnon and 9 the longest stoplight in the world?

Thanks to all our hard-working teachers, coaches, etc., who constantly pour into our kids’ lives with love and compassion. You are appreciated more than you know for helping to grow/shape their young minds and bodies.

Baseball registration starts Saturday!

Spring, hurry up!

Greenfield has been a wonderful place to raise my children.

Written communication has become a lost art … as has my memory most days! Missing the days when schools sent home reminders in folders! Signed, the mom who forgot Sport Pictures for Yearbook Day.