Off the Shelves – February 16

The following items are available at the Hancock County Public Library, 900 W. McKenzie Road. For more information on the library’s collection or to reserve a title, visit

Adult Fiction

“Little Deaths: a novel,” by Emma Flint

Ruth, a single mother wakes to discover her two small children, Frankie Jr. and Cindy, have gone missing. Cindy’s body is found strangled in a vacant lot a half mile from her home; a week later, Frankie Jr.’s decomposing body is found. All fingers point to Ruth. Through the investigation, the chaos of Ruth’s life is exposed — the empty bourbon bottles and provocative clothing that litters her apartment, letters from countless men and Ruth’s book of phone numbers — mark her as a drunk, a loose woman and a bad mother. The police leap to the obvious conclusion: facing divorce and a custody battle, Malone took her children’s lives. A tabloid reporter begins digging into the case and develops an obsession with Ruth. He comes to believe there’s something more to the woman than what the evidence paints. Did Ruth Malone violently kill her own children, is she a victim of circumstance — or is there something more sinister at play? “Little Deaths” is inspired by a true story.

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Adult Non-Fiction

“The Private Lives of the Tudors: Uncovering the Secrets of Britain’s Greatest Dynasty,” by Tracy Borman

England’s Tudor monarchs — Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I — are perhaps the most celebrated and fascinating of all royal families in history. Their love affairs, their political triumphs and their overturning of the religious order in England are the subject of countless works of popular scholarship. But for all we know about Henry’s quest for male heirs, or Elizabeth’s purported virginity, the private lives of the Tudors remain largely beyond our grasp. Author Borman shows readers the public face of the monarchs and what their lives were like in private. Drawing on the accounts of those closest to them, Borman delves into their education, upbringing, sexual lives, and into the kitchens, bathrooms, schoolrooms, and bedrooms, charting out the course of the entire Tudor dynasty, and presenting fascinating insights into these historic figures.