Off the Shelves – February 9

The following items are available at the Hancock County Public Library, 900 W. McKenzie Road. For more information on the library’s collection or to reserve a title, visit

Adult Fiction

“Class: a novel,” by Lucinda Rosenfeld

Idealistic forty-something Karen Kipple works full-time in the nonprofit sector, aiding an organization that helps hungry children from disadvantaged homes. She’s determined to live her personal life in accordance with her ideals, which means sending her daughter, Ruby, to an integrated public school in their Brooklyn neighborhood. When a student from a nearby housing project begins bullying children in Ruby’s class, the social and economic issues Karen has always claimed to care about so passionately feel uncomfortably close to home. As the situation at school escalates, Karen can’t help but wonder whether her do-gooder husband takes himself and his causes more seriously than her work and Ruby’s well-being.

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Teen Materials

“Something New: Tales from a Makeshift Bride,” by Lucy Knisley

In 2010, Lucy and her long-term boyfriend John broke up. Three long, lonely years later, John returned to New York, walked into Lucy’s apartment and proposed. This is not that story. It is the story of what came after: The Wedding. Do-it-yourself (DIY) maven Lucy Knisley was both fascinated and horrified by American wedding culture, so she set out to plan and execute the adorable DIY wedding to end all adorable DIY weddings. And she succeeded. This graphic novel — weighing in at almost 300 pages of humor, despair, and eternal love — is the story of how Lucy built a barn, invented a whole new kind of photo booth and managed to turn an outdoor wedding on a rainy day into a joyous (though muddy) triumph.