Women’s march backfired — on women

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Women’s March backfired on women

To the editor:

In response to The Associated Press story (“Sexist, vulgar posts on women’s marches backfire on officials,” Jan. 25, A5), I would suggest that the women’s march is what has backfired. They have made themselves look ridiculous.

In the 1920s women marched for the right to be recognized for their ability to have independent opinions and their right to vote. In the 1970s they protested against being treated as “sex objects.” Last weekend they marched with representations of their genitalia on their heads, making themselves nothing but mindless sex objects. The absurdity of their march has set the women’s movement back decades. It will be very hard to take any woman seriously with that image in mind.

The internet is now filled with obscene, vulgar images of women publicly displaying huge representations of female genitalia and demanding … what? I have no idea what they want. The many victim groups carefully crafted by the Democratic Party need to grow up and get over their grievances. Not a one has been able to express a verifiable complaint about how abused and downtrodden they are in 2017. Perhaps the absurdity of this march will be made manifest when the men of this country have their own march wearing large, even huge, representations of male genitalia on a public street near you.

How childish, pathetic and ineffective these “marches” have become. It’s days like these that make me embarrassed to be a woman. I wonder what the reaction would have been had their route taken them in front of the Saudi Embassy. These women, men, blacks, homosexuals and others have never had it so good. Being able to hold an obscene march is evidence enough that they have all the freedom in the world.

And the backfire? If people are catching flack for pointing out the obvious, then it’s apparent we have not yet erased the politically correct culture in this country. That should be our next goal. As far as I’m concerned, all the backfire, unfortunately, goes to the women who marched, those who spoke using vulgar and profane language and those who supported it.

Carolyn Flynn