Off the Shelves – February 2

The following items are available at the Hancock County Public Library, 900 W. McKenzie Road. For more information on the library’s collection or to reserve a title, visit

Adult Fiction

“The Chimes,” by Anna Smaill

At the end of the war, London is divided into the slums and the walled city of elites. Chimes are played citywide morning and night, to mute the memories of the citizens. Simon, a young orphan, arrives in London with nothing but a vague sense of trying to locate someone. What he finds is a gang of scavengers that scour the city looking for valuable metal to sell. Drawn in by a blind, charismatic leader with a gift for song, Simon forgets entirely what brought him to London in the first place. In this alternate London, the past is a mystery, and each day feels the same as the last. But Simon has the unique gift of retaining memories that will lead him to engage in an epic struggle for justice, love and freedom.

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“Everybody’s Fool,” by Richard Russo

The irresistible Sully, who in the intervening years has come by some unexpected good fortune, is now staring down at a cardiologist’s estimate that he only has a year or two left to live. He’s busily keeping the news from the most important people in his life: Ruth, the married woman with whom he has carried on with for years; the ultra-hapless Rub Squeers, who worries that he and Sully aren’t still best friends; Sully’s son and grandson, for whom he has been mostly an absentee figure; Doug Raymer, now Chief of Police, who still obsesses over the identity of the man his wife might have been having an affair with before she died in a freak accident; Bath’s mayor, the former academic Gus Moynihan, who also has pressing wife problems; and Carl Roebuck, whose lifelong run of failing upwards might now come to ruin.