Act of kindness by store employee didn’t go unnoticed

To the editor:

With all the horrific news reported daily, I want to share something personal to me — a really nice story that will brighten the day.

My daughter-in-law, Dana Batta, has worked for Aldi Grocery for over two years, most recently the Greenfield Aldi. Recently, she resigned to spend more time with her husband and young daughters.

In a recent newsletter from Aldi, a customer complimented our daughter-in-law. The story is dated 10/31/16 and reads:

“To whom it may concern,

I had the opportunity to observe one of your young employees go above and beyond by paying the difference of what was clearly a less fortunate older woman who was short on her bill. This woman only had a few meager items in her cart that I suspected would have to feed her for at least a few days. The woman’s bill was about five dollars more than she had in her purse. When the cashier checking the woman out stated her total, the older woman gasped while looking at what she could take out of her cart and put back. This is when Dana (your young employee) overheard and stated that she would pay it. The older woman said no, but Dana insisted and went to the office to get her purse and used her own card to pay the difference. Afterward, she told the woman to have a blessed day, returned her purse to the office and promptly went back to work. This moment of kindness exhibited by Dana is sadly becoming a rarity in our society. Dana’s actions bring great credit upon herself as well as the entire Aldi Family. Please pass along whatever kind of wonderful recognition you have for your “Top” employees.


Greenfield Aldi Shopper”

I am proud to say, as Dana’s mother-in-law, that I was not surprised at all by her actions. She is a truly loving, giving and kindhearted young lady.

I hope this puts a smile on many faces in Greenfield.

Pam Batta