Letter: Hancock County no place to go hunting

To the editor:

Brandon Butler’s hunting articles in the Greenfield Daily Reporter are not appropriate for our county. The days of bountiful game animals have long since passed.

While your optimism may be pleasing and hopeful to some, it also advocates the reduction of our remaining wild animals. I don’t anticipate any large-scale habitat restoration for our county any time in the foreseeable future, so I believe your ideals are misplaced.

Maybe where you live you can afford to be an avid outdoorsman, but the reality here is that we just don’t have sufficient wildlife populations to support sport hunting. Deer may be the only exception, as agriculture has coincidentally increased their habitat.

All other critters cannot withstand the additional pressures of widespread hunting. Please contain your articles to areas of the country where this practice is still applicable. Your conservation methods only work when there is something left to conserve. In this county, wildlife is struggling to survive at best. You may envision a world chock-full of wild animals, but it sure ain’t here.

Additionally, Hancock County is generally not known for its environmental views, so your articles are essentially running unopposed. You may be unintentionally causing more harm than good.

Adam Cooper