Marriage Licenses – November 25

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Sept. 14

Shallen Acton, Greenfield, to Casey King, Greenfield.

Jennifer L. Simon, Indianapolis, to Adam D. Allen, Indianapolis.

Summeranne Corbett, Greenfield, to Austin Brake, McCordsville.

Sept. 15

Aisha Y. Washington, Indianapolis, to Steven Smith, Indianapolis.

Kayla J. Riggs, Greenfield, to Nathaniel J. Turner, Fountaintown.

Christopher M. Swift, Greenfield, to Kayla M. Conley, Greenfield.

William M. Whitlow, Seymour, to Elizabeth Reger, Wilkinson.

Sept. 16

Anne Heylmann, Indianapolis, to Christopher S. Pollock, Indianapolis.

Alleshia A. Shults, New Palestine, Lonny G. Hewitt, New Palestine.

Aaron W. Morford, Greenfield, to Heather L. Legere, Greenfield.

Jeanette G. Carpinelli, McCordsville, to Marcus A. Ellison, McCordsville.

Patia M. Gebhart, Fortville, to Michael Clark, Ingalls.

Samantha J. Johnson, Greenfield, to Kirbie R. Young, Greenfield.

Sept. 19

Jason L. Eads, Greenfield, to Lindsey M. Dudley, Knightstown.

Deborah C. Lawler, Greenfield, to Thomas A. Hickey, Indianapolis.

Vonda G. Smith, Greenfield, to Derek S. Young, Greenfield.

Dara N. Kiser, Greenfield, to Gabriel R. T. Inman, Greenfield.

Sept. 20

Morgan K. Hastings, Greenfield, to Coty R. T. Bradgon, Greenfield.

Sept. 22

Mary J. Steward, Greenfield, to Allen T. Offenbacker, Greenfield.

Sept. 23

Morgan Gipson, Greenfield, to Ryan Gann, Greenfield.

Teresa N. Smith, Indianapolis, to Nathan C. VanHorn, Indianapolis.

Katie M. Ernster, McCordsville, to Timothy A. Junkens, McCordsville.

Sept. 26

Thomas B. Kelley, McCordsville, to Amanda V. Lopez, McCordsville.

Jason Silvey, Greenfield, to Jenna McKee, Greenfield.

Allison E. Morgan, McCordsville, to Noah D. Ayers, McCordsville.

Sept. 27

Janae E. Matzat, North Judson, to Joshua D. Wilson, Fortville.

Jacqueline E. Taylor, Greenfield, to Kurtis W. Johnson, Greenfield.

Kristine L. Melvin, Greenfield, to Rayce L. Sare, Greenfield.

Brittany R. Wiggington, New Palestine, to Brandon A. Raftery, New Palestine.

Sept. 28

Kathleen M. Spalding, McCordsville, to Joseph E. Ochs, McCordsville.

Sept. 29

Nathan C. Barnette, Greenfield, to Corinne G. Blackwell, Greenfield.

Jada P. Zook, Jacksonville, Illinois, to Eric T. Lutzke, Jacksonville, Illinois.

Ashley N. Myers, Greenfield, to Robert A. Tischler, Greenfield.

Sept. 30

Michael S. Gibson, New Palestine, to Adrienne L. Minix, Mooreland.

Kelly E. Sterk, McCordsville, to Kimberly A. Steinacker, Noblesville.

Courtney M. Greisl, Carmel, to Christopher T. Wood, McCordsville.

Ashton E. Hood, New Palestine, to Kayla D. Knuth, Greenwood.

Natalie L. Pomeroy, McCordsville, to Mark B. Albert, McCordsville.

Kimberly A. Badgley, Greenfield, to Kevin B. Meyer, Greenfield.