Thanks to first responders, local hospital

To the editor:

I would just like to take a few minutes to reflect on two institutions in Greenfield that I have had occasion to use over the past couple of years. The first is the Greenfield Fire Territory and the skilled EMTs and firefighters who provide service to our community. I have called on them several times, and these men and women are the best.

The second institution is Hancock Regional Hospital. We are so blessed to have this facility. The doctors, nurses and the entire staff of HRH are professional, pleasant and thoroughly competent at their jobs. I particularly want to thank Dr. Jason Jayroe and his colleagues in the Cath Lab for their excellent work.

Those of us in Greenfield and surrounding area should thank our former city and county leaders who, years ago, laid the foundation for the services we enjoy today. To you all, thanks again!

John Patton