GREENFIELD — Ann Vail joked with school board members that they’d be shaking a lot of hands before Monday’s monthly meeting was over.

One by one, students and staff paraded to the front of the Greenfield Central Junior High auditorium to be congratulated by school board members and administrators as they were inducted into the district’s Celebrate Excellence Program.

The Greenfield-Central School Board honored 271 students and staff members for outstanding achievements from the fall athletics season and school session. Three times a year, the school board holds a Celebrate Excellence ceremony to recognize student and staff success in and outside of the classroom.

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But Monday’s celebration was one of a kind, Vail, the school district’s assistant superintendent, said.

The board honored an entire elementary school staff for earning a National Blue Ribbon designation, the high school marching band, which was named state runner-up in its class last month, and the high school’s coed cheerleading squad, which took home a first place last week at the state contest, among other staff members and teams.

“Perhaps no Celebrate Excellence night has been more exceptional,” Vail said.

The faculty and staff at Weston Elementary were recognized for earning a National Blue Ribbon School designation from the U.S. Department of Education, joining just eight other Hoosier schools that earned the honor this year.

“Such excellence is a team effort, and all staff members play a role in creating this environment for success,” Vail said as she read off their names.

The board also recognized the high school marching band for its successful season. The group performed at the Indiana State School Music Association state finals Oct. 29 at Lucas Oil Stadium, where it took home a program record-setting second place for its class, which started the season with more than 50 bands.

The high school’s cheerleading squad and scores of students who earned state titles in other sports were also honored.

Students and staff inducted into the Celebrate Excellence program Monday night were:

Faculty and staff at Weston Elementary, a 2016 National Blue Ribbon School

Sandy Albrecht, Elizabeth Arnold, Laura Becker, Mackenzie Beisser, Morgan Bennett, Susan Bennett, Krista Bridenthal, Gina Caird, Jacqueline Casto, Betsy Davis, Carmen DeFusco, Marcia Denny, Jennifer Deno, Amy Dingman, April Dowden, Heather Flanagan, Katrina Griesmeyer, John Grose, Anessa Gross, Rene Guzman, Christine Heller, Megan Holt, Cindy Hoskins, Judy Ingerman, Nancy Kiser, Kathy Lee, Melanie Linder, Jamie Lowes, Jamie Lynch, Melissa Mayberry, Richard McKay, Donna Miles, Terry Miller, Leslie Oden, Pamela Parsons, Rachael Powell, Teresa Riley, Amanda Rogers, Laura Salee, Rachel Smith, Laurie Tomer, Annie Wing, Jaime Wolski, James Zachery and Shane Bryant

Indiana state finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

Lisa Leliaert

Members of the Indiana All-State Cheer Team

Ava Dickmann and Makenzie Horning

Indiana state champion in the Indiana Association of School Principals Cheer Competition, Coed Division

Ava Dickmann, Makenzie Horning, Aubree Cole, Kori Dixon, Hannah Gates, Haley Holden, Maci Montgomery, Camryn Nickel, Jamie Pugh, Ben Rader, Dory Ratliff, Kloe Shockley, Evie Soltes and Paige Towle

Participants in the Indiana Association of School Principals Cheer Competition, Timeout Division

Taylor Achor, Kenna Bailey, Jillian Baker, Olivia Boyk, Lexi Cox, Kasey Davis, Jenny Eicher, Katie Ferrell, Marissa Gallo, Sarah Kelley, Jisoo Kim, Paiton Martin, Lizzie Perkins, Aly Proper, Ellie Robertson, Evie Soltes and Ashley Swango

Greenfield-Central High School Cheer Team coaches

Jena Robinson, Katie Shockley and Laken Peal

Participant in the Indiana High School Athletic Association state cross-country meet

Jacob Hansen

First Team All-District for District 5 for women’s soccer

Lucy Brand

First Team All-District for District 5 for men’s soccer

Luke Tuttle and Sean Julian

Third team All-State for softball

Morganne Denny

Academic All-State Honorable Mention and All-District in District 4 for tennis

Saben Fletcher and Dylan Wilburn

Academic All-State for tennis

Nate Real

Participant in the Indiana Association of School Principals state junior high cheer competition

Sarah Atchley, Hailey Bell, Allison Bowman, Kelsie Brown, Madison Burris, Courtney Civitarese, Braelyn Couch, Kylie Drudge, Abigail Hughes, Adalyn Jackson, Grace Kelley, Lindsey McCord, Mollie Meek, Mallory Nickel, Nichole Thomas, Samantha Torres, Morgan Wyatt and coaches Robyn Couch and Elizabeth Ratliff

Indiana state representative at the JAG National Student Leadership Conference

Tanner Hord

Gold Medal winner at the FCCLA National Competition for Career Investigations

Elaine Hilton

Gold Medal winner at the FCCLA National Competition for Food Innovations

Emma Hilton

Sponsor of the Greenfield-Central High School FCCLA

Michelle Overman

Recipient of the Indiana Department of Education’s “200 Promising Practices” award

Janel Jensen

Corporation director of library services

Lucy Gellert

State Runner-Up in the Indiana State School Music Association Marching Band Competition

Anyssa Adams, Morgan Aguilar, Haley Alvarez, Jasmine Andis, Jackson Armes, Dakota Atkinson, Kaylan Bacon, Kylee Bacon, Haley Bainter, Jocelyn Bainter, Emma Baker, Isaac Baker, Cameron Bandy, Kristen Baran, Jonathan Barber, Rebecca Barker, Brysen Belcher, Christian Bell, Garrett Bice, Julia Black, Cora Blackford, Dalton Blake, Delonie Blake, Ashlee Blasko, Tyler Brancheau, Dustin Brewster, Anson Burris, Sean Burton, Kayla Byers, Sam Calvert, Matthew Cochran, Ian Cole, Josh Copeland, Elysabeth Davenport, Kaitlyn Dixon, Mina Dobbins, Amanda Dobson, Margaret Dobson, Hailey Dodds, Kaylee Elsbury, Victoria Evans, Drew Faber, Maxwell Faber, Aaron Faus, Paige Fedorchak, Evan Fontaine, Autumn Foster, Courtney Foster, Bradley Fuller, Megan Garner, Madilynn Gary, Zach George, Spencer Gossett, Zachary Graber, Katie Grant, Taylor Griffin, Allison Gwin, Cole Gwin, Logan Hager, Avery Hale, Cameron Hale, Eli Hallgarth, Mackenzie Hardin, Brooklyn Harpold, Harley Hatcher, Mackenzie Hatcher, Willow Hatcher, Abby Hembree, Ben Hembree, Emma Hilton, Katherine Hilligoss, William Himes, Ashlyn Hobbs, Megan Horning, Michaela Huffman, Paige Johnson, Aubrey Kapfhammer, Emma King, Chris Kise, Isaac Kottlowski, Matthew Kottlowski, Cole Lacy, Elliott Lambert, Mikayla Langley, Lily Lauer, Madison Lewis, Michael Livingston, David Lopez, Liahona Lukens, Bailey Lyle, Justin Madren, Abigail Martin, Brandelyn McCarroll, Philip McDonald, Carter Mecklenburg, Giovanny Meneses, Emily Milne, Shaun Monagle, Hannahlee Moore, Mackenzie Nance, Elijah Neeley, Jenna Parsons, Eryx Pedigo, Anne Perkins, Isaac Plouch, Sterling Poe, Allison Raffaelli, Aimee Raines, Sarah Raven, Aubrey Rose, Ryan Rushton, Alyssa Ryan, Madison Sample, Cael Savidge, John Schaeffer, Anna Scott, Samantha Shepherd, Hailey Shively, Jackson Sipes, Austin Smith, Ariel Sprague, Kyra Springman, Emmalee Stevens, Rowan Stewart, Daniel Swartz, Chloe Swoveland, Destiny Taulman-Franklin, Trevor Teague, Kyle Thompson, Samuel Tiede, Logan Uitermarkt, McKenzie VanVelse, Christian Varela, Aubrie Wahl, Carmina Wilson, Zach Wilson, Hannah Woodburn, Dylan Wyman, Halle Wynn, Kaitlyn Yurchiak, MacKenzie Yurchiak, Danielle Zell and staff members Jeremy Basso, Lynel Curd, Evan Fyffe, Dan Haag, Jacob Hook, Jacob Kalemba, Bob Long, Dani Mason, Steve Mason, Jeff Maupin, Rico Santiago, Alex Shanafelt, Adam Skinner, Susy Smit, Garrett Statzer, Jeremy Turner, Sean Widmer and Chris Wing

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