City seeking photos of old depot, Pennsylvania Railroad

GREENFIELD — The Greenfield Parks and Recreation Department and the Hancock County Historical Society need the public’s help finding copies of photos of the former Pennsylvania Railroad and depot in Greenfield.

The groups plan to install a second history panel along the Pennsy Trail in addition to the recently installed panel about the great historical events along the Pennsy Trail — the former Pennsylvania Railroad — which started out as a part of the Indiana Central Railway in 1853.

Greenfield’s proximity to the railroad allowed the community to expand its reach to Indianapolis and other communities, according to the news release. These rails were Greenfield’s main connection to the outside world aside from travel over roads. This was especially true when many of the roads were pot-holed, rough mud paths that made travel by wagon or even a motorized vehicle a long, bumpy and dusty ride, officials said.

There are two ways to submit photos. Users may scan the photos at 300 DPI, save them as a JPEG and email them to or call Brigette Cook Jones at 317-502-6084 and make arrangements to bring the photos in and have them scanned.

Those who volunteer their photos will not have to leave them with historical society officials; photos can be scanned and returned right away. The submitter will be given credit on the history panel.