Marriage Licenses – November 5

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Oct. 3

Justin Hinkle, Greenfield, to Lindsey Tucker, Greenfield.

Zachary D. Latva, Fortville, to Haley K. Richardson, Fortville.

Oct. 4

Samantha V. Quinn, Greenfield, to Spencer R. Fleming, Greenfield.

Ryan L. Chappell, Greenfield, to Holly L. Shaw, Greenfield.

Natalie R. Wood, Greenfield, to Steven M. Silver, Greenfield.

Oct. 5

Samantha M. Sanders, McCordsville, to Andrew R. Thaxton, Indianapolis.

Kenneth L. Whisman, Shirley, to Megan E. McCrary, Shirley.

Nicholas A. Barrickman, Fortville, to Chloe A. McClellan, Fortville.

Oct. 6

Evan F. Salat, McCordsville, to Kalyn M. Skupin, McCordsville.

Oct. 10

Michael D. Short, Greenfield, to Athena M. Garrison, Greenfield.

Robin Rinehart, Shirley, to Conlan McGinnis, Greenfield.

Sherry L. Strong, Fortville, to Anthony H. Massey, Fortville.

Oct. 11

Melissa N. Starner, Greenfield, to Nicholas A. Cozatt, Greenfield.

Cody M. Andis, Greenfield, to Rachel A. Key, Greenfield.

Oct. 12

Joseph P. Heitman, New Palestine, to Ann M. Saylor, New Palestine.

Richelle E. Morgan, Greenfield, to Jacob T. Kersey, Indianapolis.

Elizabeth E. Scarbrough, Greenfield, to Marcelino J. Xolo, Greenfield.

Harold L. Pfeifer, New Palestine, to Wilma J. Long, New Palestine.

Oct. 13

Kendall E. Volpi-Kane, McCordsville, to Russell W. Mikesell, McCordsville.

Oct. 14

Robert E. Cass, Greenfield, to Ashley L. Reynolds, Greenfield.

Mary C. Bennett, McCordsville, to James D. Roundtree, McCordsville.

Oct. 17

Travis M. Wilson, Pendleton, to Allison K. Striepe, Pendleton.

Marty L. Charlton, Greenfield, to Tina L. Redmon, Greenfield.

Kristin N. Turner, Greenfield, to Christopher R. Thomas, Greenfield.

Julie K. Votaw, Greenfield, to Daniel J. Dorsett, Indianapolis.