Riley Festival contest results

GREENFIELD —  Every year, the Riley Festival hosts competitions in fine arts, quilting and home arts, best parade float, photography, poetry and pumpkin decorating. The winners from this year’s festival are:

Fine Arts

Children I:

Water Color – Taylor Duncombe – first place

Oil/Acrylic – Hayden Taylor – first place

Sonja Jahrsdoefer – second place

Eli Marshall – third place

Pastel/Charcoal – Taylor Duncombe – first place

Molly Kishego – second place

Taylor Duncombe – third place

Ink/Pencil – Molly Kishego – first place

Children II:

Water Color – Arielle Lucas – first place

Claire Kishego – second place

Arielle Lucas – third place

Oil/Acrylic – Alex Jahrsdoerfer – first place

Claire Kishego – second place

Alex Jahrsdoerfer – third place

Ink/Pencil – Dillon Imel – first place

Arielle Lucas – second place

Claire Kishego – third place

Beginning Adult:

Water color – Cathy Sherman – first place

Phyllis Addison – second place

Phyllis Addison – third place

Oil/Acrylic – Jennifer Taylor – first place

Phyllis Addison – second place

Ouida Norris – third place

Ink/Pencil – Stacey Hodges – first place

Advanced Adult:

Water color – Mary Clouse – first place

Louise Meals – second place

Mary Clouse – third place

Oil/Acrylic – Elizabeth Kuhn – first place

Janet Hanley — second place

Gale Sturm – third place

Ink/Pencil – Becky Fields – first place

Becky Fields – second place

Becky Fields – third place


Water Color – Rebekah Arvin – first place

Rebekah Arvin – second place

Rebekah Arvin – third place

Oil/Acrylic – Sandy Hall – first place

Sandy Hall – second place

Sandy Hall – third place

Ink/Pencil – Nancie Scott Davis – first place

Graphics/Prints – Sandy Hall – first place

Acton Family Award – Dillon Imel

Best use of Illustration, Sr. – Elizabeth Kuhn

Best use of Illustration, Jr. – Dillon Imel

Best of Show, Sr. – Sandy Hall

Best of Show, Jr. – Dillon Imel

Psi Iota XI Sorority Upsilon:

Children I – Eli Marshall

Children II – Dillon Imel

People’s Choice – Jennifer Taylor

Parade float competition


First place – Bentley’s Buddies and Friends


First place – Girl Scout Troop 924

Second place – Westland Friends Church


First place – American Cancer society


Sweepstakes — Color

Adult – Lisa Carlson – Open

Intermediate – Isabel Ramsey – Landscape

Children – Carter Willey – Nature

Sweepstakes – black and white/toned

Adult – Steve Griffey – People

Intermediate – Maura Musick – Landscape

Best of Show – Color – Lisa Carlson

Best of Show – black and white/toned – Steve Griffey

First place professional division black and white/toned and color: Gary Cochard – Open

Sponsor’s Award – Randy Miller – Adult Division, Nature, Color

President’s Award – Madison Davis – Intermediate Division, Landscape, Color

Mayor’s Award – Stacia Carter – Intermediate Division, Festival Theme, Color

Viewer’s Choice – Gary Cochard

Poetry Competition


First place – Cheryl Singer, New Palestine

Second place – Barbara Dillahay, Greenfield

Third place – Natalie Hoefer, Indianapolis


First place – Laney Knoop, New Palestine

Second place – Megan Collins, New Palestine

Third place – Kendall Mann, New Palestine

Pumpkin decorating contest


Ellisabeth Steinwachs – First place

Jackson Matchett – Second place


Elijah Davis – First place

Dylan Matchett – Second place

First Grade:

James Ethan Steinwachs – First place

Leo Allison – Second place

Third Grade:

Miley Davis – First place

4th Grade:

Ava Holland – First place

Jack Oakley – Second place

5th Grade:

Ethan Matchett – First place

Ethan Davis – Second place

Middle School:

Victoria Titus – First place

Gracie Castner – Second place

High School:

Collin Gray – First place


Amber Gray – First place

Abby Matchett – Second place


Little Miss: Aubree Petty

Little Mr.: Davis Williamson