Letter: In the past, those who lied and covered were punished

To the editor:

I could never imagine the fiasco of our current presidential election. I am extremely disappointed we do not have better choices. I ignore all the personal insults and most media coverage.

However, there is one issue voters should pay careful attention to. Our constitution guarantees justice for all. The present administration has encouraged or allowed situations that have compromised truth and justice for all.

This is an extremely serious threat to each and every one in this country. The former secretary of state engaged in unbelievable unlawful activities that threaten our national security and then destroyed government property, (33,000 emails) on 11 electronic devices that were never even inspected by the FBI. Then blanket immunity was granted to all five of the secretary’s aides, with no indictment for anyone. Why immunity for all? Why not immunity for full disclosure and testimony for the one willing to talk? Even worse, these activities have been covered up with a shameful cesspool of lies by all of the participants.

This investigation is a shameful disgrace and shows that the FBI is compromised and has submitted to political pressure, along with the Justice Department, the IRS, State Department and who knows who else.

I respected the director of the FBI and believed him to be above reproach. Not so; he will probably be shamed and forced to resign along with others as future investigations peel the onion on the lies and cover-ups currently ongoing.

Remember Richard Nixon was forced to resign because he deleted 18 minutes of tapes and lied about it one time; his aides all went to prison. Martha Stewart was convicted, disgraced and sent to prison for one illegal stock trade. General David Petraeus was stripped of rank and pleaded guilty to one charge of compromising secret information for sharing some top secret info with a girlfriend.

Hillary Clinton compromised top secret information, threatened national security and exposed State Department information to hacks and our most deadly enemies. And nothing happened; no one is being held accountable.

This reeks of political corruption. Truth and justice have been compromised. So now we have different forms of justice for different people. This is extremely serious and a threat to everyone. We cannot allow this to continue. I warn people that this action will lead to no good end.

I am voting for truth and justice. I sincerely hope you will do the same and reject all others on election day.

B.J. Eaton