Letter: Officials deserve thanks for road repairs

To the editor:

Just wanting the County Commissioners, Highway Supervisor and especially all the people doing the actual labor to know how great of a job they have done paving the roads of our county. You worked some really hot days paving.

You just have to drive to the next county to see how fortunate we are. I am not sure where the money came from. I know our state gave some of our money back to us.

I want to really applaud management for getting away from spot-repaving, a quarter mile here then an eighth of a mile down the road. That cannot be very efficient for the people doing the work. The only complaint I have heard from people now is how fast traffic is going on their road.

I also feel the trimming of side ditches with the chopper was fine with me and most others. Really, it is mostly brush, and it will grow back.

The last thing I would like to cover is how we farmers crowd the road when we plant our crops. There is limited right of way in Indiana compared to other Midwest states; then we even push the limits on that. We all need to back off a little and make sure we work on visibility at our crossroads when the crop is growing.

In closing, please be patient with us this harvest season. I do not like getting behind someone going slow either, and farmers, please get over whenever you can if you’re backing traffic up behind you. We all like living in the country. Let’s just get along.

Ronnie Mohr