Educators offered special library cards

HANCOCK COUNTY — The Hancock County Public Library now provides special library cards for educators.

Teachers who are licensed or certified, school administrators or professional staff members working directly with students at a public or private Hancock County school may request a special teacher card from the Hancock County Public Library. Home-school teachers who provide a current curriculum are also eligible. Cards are good for one school year.

With the professional card, teachers may request extended loans for twice the normal period. Items may be renewed for the normal lending time. The cardholder is still responsible for all materials borrowed, including fines and lost or damaged items.

The cards are intended for school and professional use only. Teachers who reside in the county may still hold a regular card for their personal use.

Applicants for a teacher card must present appropriate identification verifying their status, such as a current school ID card, paycheck stub or document on a school letterhead.